Shopping made simple. 

Everything, all in one place. Monterosso Imports is proud to present our new-and-improved, highly streamlined, densely stocked webshop. We offer thousands of unique, sustainable products with up-to-date pricing and simple, to-the-door delivery. If you haven’t already, contact Rosanna at so she can set you up with login credentials, allowing you to shop 24/7.

Before you start shopping:

If you’re looking for Italian (ranunculus, anemone, etc) product, be sure to check out our Specialty Product page first. The product on our Specialty page is imported directly from farms in Italy, and is almost always available at lower prices for the same quality of product. After you place your order, I will work ensure you receive the lowest cost available for that week.

Flowers must be ordered in groups of designated stem counts. For example, if a flower is available in bunches of 12, you can order 12, 24, 36, and so on.

On both shops, products are priced by stem unless otherwise noted. If you encounter any confusion, or have a general question about pricing, let us know and we will get back to you right away.

Please note that on our main webshop, the word “colli” translates to “bucket”. If you encounter any other words that have not been translated to English, please let us know and we will translate.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us any time at rosanna@monterossoimportsexports.

Can I tell you a secret??

After you place your order, I will work ensure you receive the lowest cost available for that week. With my connections to growers, I work to get you the best price for your end use and prices are never higher than advertised.

Policies & FAQs

How do I become a customer?

Provide Monterosso Imports with your name, email, and company name. We will create an account for you and provide you with your login information. After that, happy shopping!

Can I order at any time?

You can order flowers and plants 24/7.

How long are the delivery times?

Deadline for orders is Tuesday. To add to an order last minute or to make an urgent order, contact Rosanna by phone or email at

Is it possible to browse by colour, price and length?

Yes, of course! You can filter different characteristics in our Webshop.

Can I change the quantities on existing orders?

Once you have confirmed your order, it is no longer possible to change to quantities. However, there is a five-minute window after confirmation during which you can still change your quantities.

How are the flowers packed?

The flowers are packaged in such a way that the chance of damage is minimal. The flowers are packed in a way that is sustainable: recyclable and biodegradable materials are used, and we avoid plastic as much as possible. You can discuss any personal requirements you may have with Rosanna.

What about the quality?

We only sell A to AAA quality flowers from selected and reputable growers, and bring the products from grower to customer as quickly as possible. We work closely with the growers.

How long are the prices valid for?

The current prices are displayed in our web store. They change every day and are dependent on supply and demand. Weather conditions also play an important factor.

 Can I see the quantity of the order while placing an order?

When you click on the icon below during ordering, you will see the size of your order. The quantity is shown in boxes or carts.

Are the prices per stem or per bunch?

Prices are also per stem, unless otherwise indicated.

Are the flowers grown in an environmentally friendly way?

Yes. We make every effort to only sell sustainably grown flowers. We have a strong commitment to the earth and the people living on it. At auction, flowers are sometimes supplied by growers who do not meet every qualification to be certified as a sustainable grower, but we only trade in these flowers if there is truly no other option. Almost every flower that is sold by us is certified sustainable.