Owner Rosanna comes from a long line of Italian floral growers, horticulturists and gardeners. With years of experience as a buyer, Rosanna brings in beautiful flowers from around the world for destination weddings, corporate events, photoshoots and workshops.

Known for her impeccable taste, on trend style, and eye for beauty, Rosanna is passionate about supporting her clients in making their vision come to life. She believes in the importance of sourcing products that are exactly her client’s wants, while maintaining a passion for bringing sustainability and eco-consciousness to her clients and herself. She strives to live a healthy, environmentally friendly life, and works tirelessly to bring these key principles into the lives of those with whom she works. Through Monterosso she is able to provide a vast array of stems that are a cut above, in beauty and in sustainability.

Her passion for exceptionally beautiful flowers began in the south of Italy. Her parents, aunts and uncles raised her in the thicks of orchards, orange trees and olive groves, instilling a deep respect for nature. Rosanna believes in tranquility and the way it expresses itself in the diversity of natural landscapes – she feels deeply the differences of the desert, of the coasts of Italy, of the forests of British Columbia. She finds her healing in capturing nature through freedom in floral and plant design, creating a world where expectations are exceeded, where rules are broken to enhance the wildness of beauty.

Monterosso flowers are grown in collaboration with eco-friendly, sustainable farms in every hemisphere. Anemones from Italy in February, hydrangea from New Zealand in December, even local, Canadian peonies – ethically conscious, rare, exquisite flowers, brought to you in and out of season without compromising the richness of their beauty. And since Monterosso only cuts what they sell, nothing is wasted.  

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