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Floral Workshops


Creative endeavours

Flowers are a unique and beautiful part of life and we believe they should give you lasting enjoyment. Sadly we can’t promise stems that will last forever. But since our flowers are cut-to-order and imported from sustainable farms, they will arrive fresher and last much longer than average flowers. This makes them the perfect choice for workshops.

If you're thrilled with the arrangements you made during a workshop, we'll have prepared order forms in place so you can order the exact florals and greens you need to replicate the arrangement for an event, or use the florals and greens you fell in love with to get creative. We can also work with you to create storyboards and custom orders to build off of what you have learned. And if you have certain flowers that you’d like to order on a recurring basis, we’d love to make this happen for you. Placing a standing order means you’ll get exactly what you want, when you want it.