You provide so many services – how do I explain what I need?

We get it – there’s a lot going on. That’s why we’re proud that years in the floral industry have groomed us to understand your needs fully. Through Wish Lists on our website or direct contact via phone or email, all you have to tell us is who you are and what you’re planning. We understand you and have the means to support you the rest of the way, including providing connections to key team members who can also provide support in planning your event. Start with Monterosso Imports – we’ll take it from there.


What does it mean to be sustainable? What’s the difference between sustainable and non-sustainable flowers and greens?

Sustainably-grown florals and greens mean that the entire process, from planting to delivery, is ethical and respectful to nature and to humans. We are deeply passionate about the environment, so one of the key principles at Monterosso Imports is providing you with incredible flowers that are grown with fair labour, pesticide-free, and shipped in biodegrable and recyclable materials – and those are just a few of the huge differences buying sustainable guarantees. We know it can be very difficult to find suppliers who promise sustainability, so it’s our goal to make it easy for you to get the incredible flowers you need in a way that is completely guilt-free and eco-concious.

There’s a huge difference between sustainably grown and non-sustainably grown florals and greens. The traits that may be most obvious to you are their incredibly vibrant colour, their rich smell, and their longevity – these are all traits that are stripped from flowers with the use of pesticides and rough handling. Another clear trait sustainably grown flowers show is their size. You’ve probably noticed that there’s a difference in pricing between sustainable and non-sustainable flowers, but keep in mind that a sustainably-grown flower will be several times larger than a non-sustainable flower of the same type, meaning you’ll need far less flowers in total to fill your event with beauty.

We’re happy to continue this discussion and answer any questions. Please contact us to do so!


What does it mean to be a concierge service?

Have you ever traveled to a new city and had no idea where to start? Where to go? Which establishments can provide what you’re looking for? That’s where a concierge comes in. Think of us as a hotel concierge, but for your floral celebrations. Yes, we provide your flowers, but when you order flowers from us, you also open the door to a huge range of concierge services. Are you a bride in need of a floral designer? We’ll connect you. Are you a designer who needs their flowers packaged and shipped a certain way? We’ll arrange it for you. No matter who you are, we have the connections you need, the customization you requite to ensure your event is flawlessly beautiful and beautifully organized – no matter how big or how far.


Where is Monterosso Imports based – and where can you supply flowers?

Monterosso Imports is based in British Columbia, however our growers and connections in some of the most sought after destinations in the world mean that we aren’t limited to local events. We are always so proud to provide product in the lower mainland, but if your dream is to get married in Santorini or hold your anniversary celebration on the coast of Italy, let us know. We can make spectacular things happen.


Can I find you in person?

While we don’t have a permanent location, keep an eye out for posts about workshops, pop-up shops, and more… we’re never far away!


What if I’m not planning an event – I just want a small batch of personalized flowers?

We know that flowers aren’t just for events – they bring beauty into your every day life. We’re rolling out ways for you to get small-batch flowers, like subscription services and farm-to-table deliveries. We’ll keep you posted – we can’t wait to be your floral supplier for every moment, big or small.


I work in an industry that isn’t based in event planning (food, television, photography, hospitality, etc). How can we work together?

Connect with us so we can build you an order that reflects your needs. If you need your flowers packaged in a certain way, we’ll arrange it for you – if you need your flowers arranged in a certain way, we’ll connect you to a designer. We’d love to supply you with exquisite sustainable blooms.


If the flowers are being shipped before I see them in person, how can you guarantee they’ll arrive exactly as I ordered and without damaged?

While flowers are a natural product and nothing can be 100% guaranteed, our flowers are impeccably packaged, cut-to-order, and handled gently, so there is very little room for error – previous clients can attest to their beauty and durability. And, while very rarely necessary, included in your order is an insurance that if something were to go wrong, you will be provided with a comparable replacement. If you’re unsatisfied with the condition of your order, immediately send us a picture and we’ll work quickly to ensure you’re satisfied.